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Do you love being in your home? A few years ago, I realized that my home was a little lackluster, which is why I started focusing on making things right by working with a team of construction contractors. I wanted to create an absolutely beautiful home interior, so I met with a team of professionals to talk about my construction options. They were really incredible to work with, and within a few short months, my home looked brand new. I wanted to create a blog all about creating a functional, gorgeous home so that you can adore your indoors space.

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A Look At The Common Mistakes Made During Oak Floor Refinishing

You are peeling away the old carpeting and vinyl layers in your antiquated home when you make an incredible discovery — the house has beautiful oak flooring hiding away under there. It is always exciting when you find out an old house you own has its original hardwood floor in place. You can always have hardwood flooring refinished to restore it to its former glory.

Even though refinishing oak flooring is a fairly straightforward process, there is ample room to make mistakes if you don't know what you're doing. Here is a look at some of the mistakes DIYers often make when refinishing an old oak flooring. 

You take off too much of the upper surface.

The idea when you are refinishing an old oak floor is to take off only the upper surface layers of the wood. This is actually a tedious process because if you do something as simple as using the wrong sandpaper on the sander, you could end up removing far too much of the surface. Even though the wood can be sanded down, it is possible to sand it down to such a degree that it becomes brittle. With professional help, you can ensure your floor is properly sanded.

You do not sand the floor evenly enough. 

You also have to be careful to not unevenly sand the floor, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Simply leaving the sander sitting in one spot for too long can take down a lot of the wood, and then, of course, you have to take down a lot of wood around that spot to level things out. When you finish sanding, you should use multiple levels and do a lot of measurements to ensure the wood is all level with no pitting or low spots. By taking care to sand the floor evenly, you will get a smooth, even and beautiful refinished floor.

You don't take the time to repair pits, scratches, and damages. 

You must take the time to repair some scars in the oak wood flooring, especially those that are extremely deep. If you want to keep some of the markings because it gives the flooring that vintage personality, that is fine to do. However, deep pits and scars can make it difficult to create a good seal once you start the staining and sealing process. These deeper spots will not only be left vulnerable to moisture, but they can also compromise the integrity of the wood flooring over the years. Use a quality wood filler and follow the proper methodology to repair these deep scars before finishing so you can enjoy a beautiful floor.

To get help with your hardwood floor refinishing project, you can contact a company in your area like Alpine Wood Flooring Inc.