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Do you love being in your home? A few years ago, I realized that my home was a little lackluster, which is why I started focusing on making things right by working with a team of construction contractors. I wanted to create an absolutely beautiful home interior, so I met with a team of professionals to talk about my construction options. They were really incredible to work with, and within a few short months, my home looked brand new. I wanted to create a blog all about creating a functional, gorgeous home so that you can adore your indoors space.

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2 Ways To Help Secure Your Garage

Having an attached garage makes your life a lot easier. You can pull your car right into the garage and then unload it into your house. However, your attached garage can also be a weak spot in your home's security. If you are worried about how to make sure that your house is still as secure as possible, there are some simple things that you can do to help assure that security. 

Cover Your Windows

If your garage door has windows, it is easy for a bad guy to look in and see what you have in there, or if you are home. There is one easy way to get rid of that risk: covering your windows. If you don't want to completely block them up, which would get rid of any light you might get in your garage, there are other options.  For example, you can go to a home supply store and get a film that you can put over your windows. That film will make it look like your windows are frosted. That way you still get the light, but you have blocked the view. Since the film goes on the inside of the window, you won't have to worry about anyone peeling it off. A side benefit of this film is that it will help to hold your windows together and make them harder to break. 

Add Security Lights

Adding some lights is an easy way to scare off any bad guys. There are a few ways you can do that. One is that you can add motion detector lights on the outside of your garage. Anytime they sense movement, the lights will turn on. Another way you can add lights is to have a sensor that turns on a light in your garage every time the door opens. That will help you when it's dark and you are coming home. Some automatic garage door openers also have lights as part of their system. They will automatically turn on when the garage door is activated. The light will be on a timer, which you can set, and will be on long enough for you to turn on an overhead light or to get in the house. 

Making sure that your family is safe is something that you spend a lot of time doing. Making sure that your garage isn't a weak spot in your home's security is one way to do that. 

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